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Turning ideas into innovations

As a technology company, we have been researching our own innovative technologies for over ten years. To this end, we rely on public funding and cooperation projects. We pass on this knowledge as a service provider. Our focus is on high-tech solutions in the areas of:


Raw materials and materials, especially from the perspective of circular economy (recycling) and sustainability

Energy from renewable sources, especially photovoltaics, and synthetic fuels

Mobility, based on renewable energy

To turn ideas into innovations, we accompany you through the various development phases.


Feasibility and market studies: Validating ideas

As a technology company in the field of silicon raw materials and photovoltaics, we use our expertise to help validate ideas.

  • Technology and competition analyses: Where does the idea stand compared to the competition? Is there a unique selling proposition?

  • Profitability analyses: Can the idea be placed on the market?

  • Feasibility studies: How can the idea be implemented? What are the risks and opportunities of implementation?


Research Proposals: Fund ideas

Germany has a broadly based funding landscape, so that suitable funding can often be obtained for a project. We will help you find the right programs and guide you through the application process.


  • Screening of suitable funding programs

  • Development of a funding outline (in the case of two-stage application procedures)

  • Support in writing applications

  • Support during processing through documentation and accounting

Contract research: Testing ideas

Good idea, but no infrastructure or resources? As an excellently networked technology company, we also take care of the development of test rigs, trials, etc. Our focus is on thermal and mechanical solution approaches.

  • Concept development and process flowsheets

  • Design and engineering (3D-CAD)

  • Simulation

  • Construction of test rigs (laboratory and pilot plant)


We have caught your interest? Then we look forward to your message and your innovation!

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