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Research & Development

Based in Braunschweig, the most research-intensive region in Europe, we at JPM Silicon develop environmentally friendly solutions along the entire value chain. Whether in the implementation of our own ideas, in research projects with science and industry, or as a development partner and consultant, we want to make the world a little greener with our ideas. Founded out of science, we are a research-based company and actively participate in new ideas.

Our research projects
along the value chain

Quartz & Carbon

Quartz (SiO2) and coal are the raw materials for silicon production. With our unique raw material test, we increase resource and energy efficiency.

Metallurgical silicon

silicon metal-1.png

Today, silicon is extracted from quartz and coal in electric arc furnaces. We are researching new, energy-efficient production processes and the use of renewable raw materials.

Solar Silicon

solar silicon-4.png



Silicon wafers


Currently, our focus is on the recycling of saw waste and we are continuously developing our technologie.

solar zelle-1.png

Solar cells

Solar panels

solar panel-2.png

In addition to silicon, solar modules contain a variety of valuable raw materials such as glass, plastics, metals and precious metals. With our spin-off SOLAR MATERIALS and together with the IWF of TU Braunschweig, we are developing a unique recycling process.

Green power



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