For inventions to become innovations, they need a practical application. That is why we transfer our ideas to industry together with partners and found or participate in companies and start-ups.

Silicon recycling - JPM Silicon (HK) Ltd.

Whether as an alloying element in aluminum, a raw material for chemical products or in highly pure form for solar cells and computer chips: silicon is an indispensable raw material for our society. Yet the production of silicon is not only energy-intensive but also associated with direct CO2 emissions. With our environmentally friendly technology, we recycle silicon and thus save fossil resources, energy and ultimately CO2.

Solar module recycling - SOLAR MATERIALS GmbH 

SOLAR MATERIALS develops a technology to recycle photovoltaic (PV) modules in an environmentally friendly and economical way. The use of physical-mechanical processes eliminates the use of expensive and unsustainable chemicals, with the aim of fully recovering all raw materials: glass, plastics, metals and precious metals.


Silicon trade - Silicon Suppliers GmbH

With Silicon Suppliers we are working on a platform for easy procurement of silicon for small and medium sized companies. Our focus is on small quantities and specialties for SMEs and science. An essential part of this is quality assurance in the procurement of silicon raw materials, for which we offer demand-oriented analysis options.