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Whether as an alloying element in aluminum, a raw material for chemical products or in highly pure form for solar cells and computer chips: silicon is an indispensable raw material for our society. Yet the production of silicon is not only energy-intensive but also associated with direct CO2 emissions. With our environmentally friendly technology, we recycle silicon and thus save fossil resources, energy and ultimately CO2.

Sustainably produced.
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No coal.

Silicon is industrially extracted from quartz and coal in an electric arc furnace. By melting down silicon waste, we avoid the use of fossil resources. We save approx. 3 tons of CO2 per ton of silicon.

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Less electricity.

Instead of the energy-intensive extraction of silicon from quartz and coal, melting down silicon requires about 80% less energy.


Usual quality.

Our technology allows us to gradually reduce impurities in the silicon waste and in the end offer our customers the quality they are used to without compromise.

The first recycling plant.

With a market share of 75%, China is the most important producer of solar cells - and thus our raw material supplier. In the past two years, we have built and successfully tested the first prototypes here. We are currently planning to build the first industrial recycling plant with a production start in 2022.


JPM Silicon (HK) Ltd.

S.A.R. Hong Kong

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